Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Home Greenery

Despite the small size of your space, greenery always adds life to a room. A living, breathing thing in your home (other than yourself!) can bring so much to any space. My favorite tends to be the living room. The living room always contains so much life because it usually has the most action going on a daily basis. Therefore, a large plant can be an additional source of life. The best part, though, is that greener goes with every style of interior decorating. Whether modern, a white-out (see the previous post!), feminine, or traditional, it works! Just make sure the plant has appropriate light and enough water! I promise you'll love the look! See below for some greenery inspiration!

 stunning fig tree in a living room

potted greenery on a console

oversized tree makes a statement with those ceilings!

mini greenhouse completes the mod look

over the top greenery lends a stunning landscape in this dining room!

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