Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blue Mood

Sometimes a saturated room can be simply stunning. Sticking with a common color theme can be dramatic and classic, especially in porcelain blue. Not to say different shades of blue couldn't be as stunning, but be careful… Bright shades of any color could become overwhelming if not done in small doses. The most important thing to consider when decorating an entire room with one color, is that texture becomes your most important asset. With the same color throughout, or a similar color varying slightly in shades, luxurious and contrasting textures on the wall, the furnishings, and the accessories make all the difference. Done right, this can be stunning! See below for some of my favorite blue mood rooms.

Stunning library saturated in blue with hints of neutrals

Lovely living room combines textures and shades of blue

Velvet furnishings and detailed paneling

Soft-hued blues blends with the grey brilliantly

Sky blue dining room is stunning here

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