Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Tablescape

In lieu of the upcoming holiday, I wanted to compile some of my favorite (and festive!) decorating looks for your table to get you in the spirit! Now as we all know, thanksgiving is extremely stressful for the one cooking this extraordinary meal. But on top of the meal, making your table warm, inviting, and stylish is second to our stress! For Thanksgiving I like sticking to a festive color scheme of: golds,  oranges, plums, and browns. And don't forget your greenery! I choose these colors because Thanksgiving is still remnant of fall right before the Christmas white hits. Feel free to choose all elements of the season like changing leaves, pumpkins, and distressed greenery. See below for some tablescapes perfect for this holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!

Top your table with moss, whitewashed pumpkins and vegetables, and plants. How stunning!

stunning use of colors in florals and table linens

Simple table floral arrangement in orange and gold color scheme

mini potted plants all in varying sizes and shapes are striking down a long table

adding lanterns and a multitude of candles create a calm mood for dinner

Photo cred: @domainehome

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Entrance Inpiration

The first thing you and your guests see when entering (and leaving) a space is, clearly, the entryway. So in some shape or form it should be memorable, and of course functional! Some of us apartment dwellers don't have the luxury of a distinct entrance. However, anyone, no matter how small your space, can carve out somewhere to place down your keys and take off your shoes. In my NYC apartment, I walk straight into a dining area/living space. For my own source of inspiration, I used several things to make my entrance as fabulous and useful as possible. I broke up the space with a runner, paint, and distinct wall hooks and photographs. There is no doubt my space is small, but defining an area makes all the difference. See below for some inspiration of my favorite entryways. And soon you will get a sneak peak of mine! Enjoy!

Console table, mirror and candles.. simple yet perfect!

Brilliantly carved out entry with a catch-all bowl and carefully placed photos

Grand entrance.. take cues from muted colors, stools for changing shoes, and flowers!

Dramatic entrance with stunning contrast

Create an entry in a narrow hall… modern lighting and 
oversized branches make all the difference!

My entryway photos to come...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blue Mood

Sometimes a saturated room can be simply stunning. Sticking with a common color theme can be dramatic and classic, especially in porcelain blue. Not to say different shades of blue couldn't be as stunning, but be careful… Bright shades of any color could become overwhelming if not done in small doses. The most important thing to consider when decorating an entire room with one color, is that texture becomes your most important asset. With the same color throughout, or a similar color varying slightly in shades, luxurious and contrasting textures on the wall, the furnishings, and the accessories make all the difference. Done right, this can be stunning! See below for some of my favorite blue mood rooms.

Stunning library saturated in blue with hints of neutrals

Lovely living room combines textures and shades of blue

Velvet furnishings and detailed paneling

Soft-hued blues blends with the grey brilliantly

Sky blue dining room is stunning here

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Home Greenery

Despite the small size of your space, greenery always adds life to a room. A living, breathing thing in your home (other than yourself!) can bring so much to any space. My favorite tends to be the living room. The living room always contains so much life because it usually has the most action going on a daily basis. Therefore, a large plant can be an additional source of life. The best part, though, is that greener goes with every style of interior decorating. Whether modern, a white-out (see the previous post!), feminine, or traditional, it works! Just make sure the plant has appropriate light and enough water! I promise you'll love the look! See below for some greenery inspiration!

 stunning fig tree in a living room

potted greenery on a console

oversized tree makes a statement with those ceilings!

mini greenhouse completes the mod look

over the top greenery lends a stunning landscape in this dining room!