Thursday, October 30, 2014

White Out

All white palettes in a space can be one of the most powerful design tactics. It not only leaves a fresh, clean feeling, it acts as a blank canvas. This allows you to play with bold color in art, moveable pieces like pillows and throws and accessories. Or you can continue with the theme and keep everything monochromatic. The best part about it? It's SUPER easy to do! You must make sure to keep the "clean" theme in mind, however, when putting the room together. Monochromatic rooms look most cohesive with clean-lined, unfussy furniture. And don't think this is only for the mod decorator. Traditional elements in all white can be just as powerful. Check out the images below for some of my favorite white out rooms.

mid-century modern white 

MOD to the MAX-- all white with pops of gold

Traditional all-white living room with neutral accents

contemporary white-out with color in wall art

all white perfection… no need for color here!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lauren Conrad at HOME via InStyle

Our favorite OC girl, LC just debuted her renovated California home in the latest issue of InStyle magazine! Combining her traditional feminine style, with hints of masculinity (for her new husband!) the end result is just as California-cool as she is. Pops of (my favorite) color, orange, throughout, and lively greenery give the space visual interest. Tufted furniture, neutral furnishings, and a classic chandelier pull the space together brilliantly. And my favorite part? The brick feature wall she created to give the lofty space more appeal and traditional texture. Check out the pictures below! What is your favorite part?

LC at home

Classic living space arrangement

OMG this closet.. she transformed a space bedroom for a walk-in. Brilliant!

Showcasing the ceiling heights in her duplex!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

All things ADLER

If you've checked out my instagram lately (@smallspacestlye) it's no secret that my love for all things Jonathan Adler has flourished. His spaces are so unique not only in its furniture, but in it's placement. He takes traditional and mixes it with modern. He floats couches in the middle of the room. He creates color combinations we just have to try ourselves. And finally, he just makes the world a more of a beautiful place. In honor of Friends & Family where the entire site is 20% off (AH!) below are some of my favorite inspirational pictures from the one they call Adler. His interior spaces, whether small or large, inspire me everyday!

sitting room with textured walls

those hand chairs!

open concept living and dining 

floating sofa on a circular rug

traditional and modern mixed perfectly

A peek inside JA's own home! 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Carve out a Workspace

An office is often clustered into some corner, rolling file cabinet, a hidden closet, or even shared with the dining room table! But I urge clients to look outside the box. Many people don't think they have the room, or the excess space to devote to a designated bill-paying area. But there is! There always is!
So many of us aren't lucky enough to have a separate office at home right now. Many of us, (including myself!), live in apartments that don't allot for that kind of room. And that's where our creativity comes into play!
I truly believe that having that space inevitably gives you organization in your life. Knowing where important documents are, including: bills, taxes, medical forms, etc. give you all the more functionality in your life. I promise! Given that I myself don't have a designated office, I have shifted where my desk sits in my apartment over the past several months. From a sudo-console table with a bench, to a formal desk facing the window, to now, a vanity inspired desk in my bedroom, you have to find what works best for your space. 
The inspiration images below dictate that there are a multitude of options available for what works as a desk. And accents make all the difference! 

acting as a console table, its desk functionality doesn't stick out! So chic.

book, books and more books!

surround yourself with art and storage

a multitude of seating with a desk in between bookcases is stunning

asymmetrical desk flanking a daybed and bookcases. perfect inspo for a studio!

Photo cred: Elle Decor, Pinterest

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Warm Bedroom Accents

As the leaves start turning, I like to swap out the light and airy linen and brighter colors in my bedroom for warm and cozy accents that remind me of fall. Now I know it's not always possible to get that brilliant canopy bed, or four-poster mirrored frame, or custom tufted headboard we have been dreaming about since we moved in! BUT, there's hope! Warm accents like throws and pillows can make your bedroom scream luxe. And you don't need space to do that! Faux-Fur throws, knitted throw pillows, and plush bedding are all you need! See below for warm bedroom accents that are easier than ever to transition into your own spaces!

luxe faux fur throw, plush carpets and leopard accents

all black accent wall and faux fur throws create coziness instantly

wood accents against an all-white background is breathtaking

moody blue and faux fur accents, yes!

plush bedding like this down comforter make you want to jump right in!

Share some of your own tips below!! 
Photo cred: Domaine Home, Elle Decor, Pinterest

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cozy Dining

Dining rooms in a city, or anywhere for that matter, are not easy to come by. And if you have one in Manhattan, you've struck gold! The problem with these usual "dining areas" is that they are much more of an area than a room. They could even more of a nook per-se. And for us, there's nothing better! Small space dining solutions in a nook or a corner of your living space is not as difficult as it seems. Often it takes oversized art or oversized furniture (or both!) to make the area feel larger. Because small space doesn't mean small furniture!! Play around with size, textures, and colors. And don't forget to look up! The result is astonishing!

banquette, round pedestal table, lucite chairs


a corner of a living room during dining

custom banquette to fit that awkward space.. window seat!

Manhattan banquette.. small and functional

look up!! art from floor to ceiling! corner brilliance

oversized art, oversized chandelier, thousands of books, oh my!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Orange moment

I'm having a serious orange moment lately. I'm not sure if it's the glooming winter or the happiness that envelops my mind on Madison Avenue at the sight of Hermés. What I do know, that even among my traditional neutral color palette of white, grey, tan, and black, orange is the stand-out color of the moment. See below for accented orange I can't get enough of!

Oh my Gold

desk envy among spots and lucite

room-making statement piece

chevron throw pillows against white-out

all out color

throw in some cowhide

And finally…

stacked Hermés

Small Space Style

One of my favorite things about living in New York City are the endless possibilities that await you. Some fear, however, that these possibilities do not extend to the short-sized square footage of Manhattan apartments. That, my friend, is just not true.
Over the years, I have discovered my interior style has adjusted quite well from a 1-bedroom to a studio back to a 1-bedroom and beyond. I didn't need space. I needed a vision. I scoured books, magazines and websites to take my vision to reality. And all on a budget of course!
What I couldn't necessarily afford at the UES haven Treillage, I found in a thrift shop a mere 10 blocks away, or in one of my favorite stores: Home Goods! It definitely wasn't an identical match to what I had envisioned, but with a little tweaking, it was perfect for me. And not for nothing, I managed to make even a 200 sqft apartment look like a million bucks.
All in all, I hope what has inspired me will inspire you. And this isn't an easy feat! So don't be discouraged by size, price, or colors! This is your space; love it! xN

my constantly evolving living room