Monday, October 13, 2014

Small Space Style

One of my favorite things about living in New York City are the endless possibilities that await you. Some fear, however, that these possibilities do not extend to the short-sized square footage of Manhattan apartments. That, my friend, is just not true.
Over the years, I have discovered my interior style has adjusted quite well from a 1-bedroom to a studio back to a 1-bedroom and beyond. I didn't need space. I needed a vision. I scoured books, magazines and websites to take my vision to reality. And all on a budget of course!
What I couldn't necessarily afford at the UES haven Treillage, I found in a thrift shop a mere 10 blocks away, or in one of my favorite stores: Home Goods! It definitely wasn't an identical match to what I had envisioned, but with a little tweaking, it was perfect for me. And not for nothing, I managed to make even a 200 sqft apartment look like a million bucks.
All in all, I hope what has inspired me will inspire you. And this isn't an easy feat! So don't be discouraged by size, price, or colors! This is your space; love it! xN

my constantly evolving living room

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