Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cozy Dining

Dining rooms in a city, or anywhere for that matter, are not easy to come by. And if you have one in Manhattan, you've struck gold! The problem with these usual "dining areas" is that they are much more of an area than a room. They could even more of a nook per-se. And for us, there's nothing better! Small space dining solutions in a nook or a corner of your living space is not as difficult as it seems. Often it takes oversized art or oversized furniture (or both!) to make the area feel larger. Because small space doesn't mean small furniture!! Play around with size, textures, and colors. And don't forget to look up! The result is astonishing!

banquette, round pedestal table, lucite chairs


a corner of a living room during dining

custom banquette to fit that awkward space.. window seat!

Manhattan banquette.. small and functional

look up!! art from floor to ceiling! corner brilliance

oversized art, oversized chandelier, thousands of books, oh my!

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