Monday, March 2, 2015

Post-Holiday Update

After a long holiday, and an even longer break, I'm finally back. Let's see, we've moved, got a dog, travelled, and happened to survive the unpredicted Antarctica-esque snowfall in New York City this year since the last time I posted. That said, wow. 

First, the move. Staying on my beloved Upper East Side in Manhattan, we've upgraded apartments to almost 100 more square feet! Pause for reaction. I mean, this kind of glory doesn't come around New York City residents very often. In fact, it's practically unheard-of. Lucky for me, design has gone into full force on our 1-bedroom residence I plan on staying in for a few years. However, in true New York City fashion, it's a rental. So major changes will have to wait until we own. But fear not readers, that's what I love about this blog. This is how we get creative! For example, my lease clearly states, in not so many words, that wallpaper is forbidden. To my saddened heart, this is not news as a renter. But what did I do instead? I painted stripes that, if I may say so myself, have a striking resemblance to the real thing. Shotty bathroom with no double sinks or jacuzzi tub? Ugh! (Just kidding) Painting the walls and ceiling the same serene grey/blue camouflage those not so lovely blue trim tiling, and create an oasis. Fast forward to a grey ceramic garden stool and lucite shelving, this drabby ain't lookin' to bad. Pics to come!
That's paint my renter friends!

Next, the pup. Whiskey! Well, as most of you already know… motherhood is quite the challenge. Not that he's not perfect, but toys all over and sweaters galore have this baby overstuffing my apartment. In comes the solution. A fully closed entrance table with a shelf inside for his toys, his clothes, his leash, etc. And where else but Home Goods to find such a piece. Believe it or not, I found this in the "Bath" section of the store where toilet brush holders and shower curtain rings are sold. Pop on a tall vase to off-set the less than ideal height (I'm 5'9"), leaning picture, a candle, and a small dish to throw the keys… my once not so efficient/faux entry way now has purpose. And fits in well with the rest of my mod eclectic styled apartment. 

This find from Home Goods satisfied all my storage needs!

Tall vase offsets the table height

Don't you just love this saying?

Ironically, my travels this year and the record snow fall in New York City have a lot in common. SNOW. I travelled to ski when I probably could've waddled into my elevator and skied down Lex half of these brutal weekends. Despite the weather, nothing beat North Eastern ski conditions this year! And what's better than getting snowed in with the ones you love? 

With the chaos coming to a close, a major project has come my way just outside the city. Stay tuned for inspiration, ideas, and images as this story unfolds. More to come!

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