Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Coffee Table Glam

Often in a small space people think they're limited to creativity, to luxe pieces and to just plain glamour. Well be not afraid apartment dwellers, you are SO NOT!! However, it might need a tweak in thinking where to place that glamour but for if the space doesn't suffice, the price usually matches its extravagance. The first place I look to glamorize is my coffee table. It's likely the easiest to build on and arguably the least expensive to decorate. The three key things to buy are: oversized books (check amazon and even thrift stores for great deals!), candles (all shapes and sizes…but make sure the scents coordinate!), and chachkies (you know, decorative objects like sea urchins, ceramic catch-alls, crystal dish, etc). With these, you need to remember: layer, layer, layer!

Coffee table via Domaine featuring all the layering essentials

Layer, layer, layers!

First thing to remember is what you put on this coffee table (whether it's a custom piece of a thrift store find -- like mine!), decorating the thing is a whole other animal. And doesn't require a ton of spending money.

First, books...

$135 for a Tom Ford book?! Ok… totally understand the price tag shock on a BOOK that costs that much. However, who says to pay sticker price? What do you do when you can't afford it? Ever hear of the phrase "Fake, 'til you make it?" Well… Fake it! Sites like Amazon.com, One Kings Lane, and even Home Goods offer amazing prices on those coveted, stunning books. And once you have those key pieces, filler coffee table books can easily be found elsewhere. Even thrift stores! So many of my coffee table books (the ones stacked ON), came from thrift stores for under $10!
The almighty Tom Ford book. Got mine on Amazon!

Second, candles…

Ok, $26 on a candle can sometimes be daunting. But when a smell is that good, it's worth it. I can't get enough of the voluspa candles. Their scents are everything! My go to spots have always been Anthropologie. Amazing scent in an even more amazing canister? Sign me up! Just coordinate scents, canister colors, and different size candles to give it the most dimension. Another spot for candles (and everything else for that matter)? Home Goods! Mercury glass and crystal candle holders often give the best glow when lit. (And those double as vases when the candles done!! ) And always make sure they're lit when company comes over!

My favorite smell.

Third, chachkies…

Likely my favorite part about dressing a coffee table is the chachkies. Because this can literally be anything and everything. Obsessed with a petrified rock you found from a street vendor? Awesome. Put it on the table! Over the rock? Back on the bookshelf. I change up my coffee table chachkies consistently to keep it fresh and new. Some of my favorite places to find cool pieces are ZGallerie.com and thrift stores. I go straight to the glassware section and voila! I cherish my crystal ashtray that sits right in the middle of the table. (No one's allowed to use it, don't worry.)

ZGallerie Sea Urchin

More to come!

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